Friday, June 1, 2012

New e! VIP Group Gift

e! has put out the newest group gift for the month of June. This group gift is only available to our VIP group members and is exclusive to this group. This special cannot be purchased now or in the future!
This month it's an exclusive version of our Snuggly Sweater: "Where's Wally?" a red and white striped mesh sweater with long sleeves and a crew neck.


the e! VIP group is an in world group (NOT the subscriber) which gives exclusive gifts every month. These items are exclusive items which will never be for sale or given away. They are only available for a month.

Please note there is a L$400 joining fee for this group.

There will also be occasional group only SALES! Where you will be also able to get discounts on our regular items too!

You can join the group by copying and pasting
into chat and clicking the link.

Alternatively TP to e! in world, check out our entire collection and click the joiner in store!
You can also pick up the gifts here.

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