Friday, June 8, 2012

e! New Cheer Outfits at Chic 2

Chic Management is 2 years old, and to celebrate owner Keira Seerose is holding the Chic Birthday event.
Over 150 stores have created new items for this event, all displayed in fun decorated cubes at the event

e! Mesh Cheer Outfits include straight leg track pants and sports bras with the number 42. Available in  black or white with a choice of 9 accent colours.

e! Cheer Trackies feature a straight leg, wide waistband and a colour-coordinating stripe down the side.
e! Cheer Sports bras are a tank-style sports bra with a squared off neckline, tapered straps and the number 42 in coordinating colours on the front.

This is a great comfortable outfit for your cheerleading practice or to hang out at home. 
Rigged mesh moves with your avatar, so you can work out in style! 

 Incorporate your mesh clothing with items already in your wardrobe for a unique look. 
5 standard sizes included to fit most avatars. 

These are currently available at CHIC2 but will be out in the mainstore at the end of the month.

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